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Traffic improvements being made to Highway 50

February 14, 2019   ·   0 Comments

Peel Regional Council approved their budget with a number of major improvements to Highway 50.

These changes are part of the Vision Zero Road Safety Strategic Plan. The ultimate vision is to have zero fatal and serious injury collisions for all road users. The current goal is for a 10 per cent reduction in fatal and injury collisions by 2022

Ward 5 Regional Coun. Annette Groves has been an advocate for improvements to Highway 50, specifically south of Mayfield, for the safety of residents in Bolton.

“We had a number of fatalities and traffic accidents there,” said Groves. “This is a good start.”

The project includes a left turn at Fogal Road and Queen Street East. A left turn will be phased in at Castlemore Road, Rutherford Road, Langstaff Road and Cotrelle Boulevard. These turns are designed to only permit a left turn when the arrow is on.

A dual right turn lane, with a ‘No Right Turn on Red’ will be added to the southbound area of the intersection Gore Road. A ‘Prepare to Stop When Flashing’ signs will be installed at Fogal Road.

A dual left turn lane, with a no right turn on red, were added at the intersection of Highway 50 at Gore Road in the southbound direction.

The post speed limit on Highway 50 from Steeles avenue to Mayfield Road was reduced. It was originally 80 kilometres an hour and is now 70 kilometres an hour along the entire corridor.

Groves liked the change of implementing dedicated left turn signal at major intersections.

“Part of the problem that people are doing is they’re trying to beat the lights,” said Groves. “When they’re making a left turn, you have someone who’s trying to make the left, someone who is coming straight and they’re trying to beat the light. Now, if you have a dedicated left turn traffic signals, it’s much safer for those people making a left turn.”

Regional council just approved their budget recently. Groves said projects on Highway 50 are set to begin in the spring.

“Street lighting is an important piece of this, because it’s very dark there north of Rutherford,” said Groves. “There’s hardly any street lighting there. That will also help.”

Castlemore Road to just south of Mayfield will be illuminated. A road watch signage will also be incorporated in the downtown core. Groves continues to push for an extension of Highway 427 north to Highway 9. She has been lobbying the provincial government on that for years now.

“Caledon Council passed a resolution many years ago to ask the provincial government to extend Highway 427 to Highway 9,” said Groves. “The (provincial) Liberals didn’t listen to us. I will continue to try. We have a new government in there now and I’ll continue the advocacy for that.” 

Vision Zero’s action plan will enhance road safety by engineering countermeasures to reduce collisions by making physical changes to the roadway, education people on their driving behaviours, enforcing people to follow the rules of the road and provide empathy to help reduce collisions by helping drivers understand the viewpoint of another. 



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