Happy New Year

January 10, 2019   ·   0 Comments

Written by Sheralyn Roman

 The editors haven’t said anything to me, which is kind of nice, but I think several of my articles have been just a “tad” too long lately. I do have that tendency to ramble on. My excuse is it’s hard when you work with words all day long to simply, suddenly, turn off the faucet and use less of them. Today however, I’ll try to practice conservation and keep my message short and sweet.

This is the time of year we pause and reflect on our lives, pondering both the blessings and the bad times. What we are grateful for and what have we learned from negative experiences? It’s a time to consider change and what we might want this coming year to look like. For Caledon, it’s definitely a time of challenge and change but it’s also an opportunity for our newly elected officials to focus on working together toward creating a better Caledon. It’s a time for residents to come together to support the officials they’ve elected and, if they have concerns, to air those concerns using the appropriate channels. We all have a role to play in the future success of this beautiful place we call home.

On a personal level maybe you are thinking of getting fit, a career change or giving back to the community through volunteering. The New Year is a great time to resolve to take action but really, anytime you commit to yourself and your wellbeing and/or that of your community, is always a good time. In other words, if you get off to a rocky start don’t let that impede your momentum. Anytime you start something new, science tells us it takes at least 21 days form a new habit (with some saying more like 66 days) so whether you start in the “new year” or in February or even March, just start! The Library, the Caledon Parent Child Centre, The Exchange, Caledon Community Services and any number of community groups like the Lions Club or Rotary, the Optimists and many others are always looking for support.

Resolve to be kinder to yourself and others in 2019 and forgive your alleged “faults” and to focus on the future. We are often so unkind to ourselves, talking “smack,” about ourselves, saying things in our own mind that we would never dream of saying to anyone else. These words are nasty. So why do we say them to ourselves? Make 2019 the year you stop the smack talk. Positivity truly fosters more positivity and the world could certainly use more of that! We’ve just finished spending an entire season devoted to trying hard to be nice to one another, why stop? Think about it – why stop? Does a season dictate our attitude or do we? 

I could continue along this same theme but: 1) I promised to conserve words and 2) Greater minds than mine have pondered this topic, at length and perhaps even ad nauseum. I will end with a simple thank you to the Caledon Citizen for the opportunity to share my thoughts with the community, a wish for all readers that your 2019 will be a happy and healthy one and an invitation to Caledon residents to maintain the holiday spirit all year long. Do good things, be good to those who surround you, and nothing but good will come of it! 

est of sales. I predict trouble too. Did you know that in Toronto, just this past October 2nd, a security guard was shot dead at an illegal dispensary? Think that won’t happen just because pot is legal now? Is this something we want taking place potentially near our schools? Unless you plan to take your computer across the border into the US and are worried about what a border guard’s search of your Internet history might reveal (in which case I’m in trouble just based on research for this article) I think it’s just as easy to order your supply online and have it mailed to your home. (Who protects Canada Post workers is another whole topic for discussion….) 

While I am no fan of excessive government interference or launching study after study, the fact remains not enough research has gone into this decision, or for that matter, into the long term, potentially harmful side effects of extended marijuana use. The government has, in my opinion, offloaded responsibility for a heavily loaded issue onto the backs of small towns and regional municipalities – asking local Town councils to make the big decisions it has refused to make. That’s an unfair burden to place on local representatives – not because they aren’t capable – we have some excellent people in office – but because this issue is bigger than any one town, city or region. If Caledon votes no, are we pushing potential problems to the south or north of us? If Brampton votes no and we vote yes, we don’t want the increase in traffic or potential fallout of problematic pot stores either. Who pays for the extra policing? How do we address the very real concern of driving stoned? Highway #50 is already a nightmare, can you imagine it “high?” On the whole – I don’t believe we are yet in a position to make an informed “middle of the road” decision on pot sales in Caledon and in the absence of all the facts it is important that we refuse to act. In other words, no pot, Mary-Jane, weed, reefer, dope, herb, boom or ganja here thank you. Oh and if you thought I was going to answer the question about whether I’ve used, you didn’t really expect me to answer? I’m pretty certain no one cares anyway! 



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