Protecting the Greenbelt while creating jobs in Ontario

January 10, 2019   ·   0 Comments

Written by Sylvia Jones

Our government is committed to reducing red tape that discourages job creators from choosing to site or expand their businesses in Ontario. We need to regain our competitive advantage by making it easier for businesses to operate in Ontario. We have proposed a wide range of regulatory changes that reduce unnecessary, outdated and duplicate regulations. The ‘Open for Business’ planning tool is going to create jobs in communities throughout the province. This tool will provide assistance to municipalities on navigating the development approvals process for job creators. It will improve the approvals process timeline and provide the tools needed to streamline the project. Each project that is approved will have to meet the commitments in the Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan. We have been clear that we will protect the Greenbelt and will not support proposals in contrast with that commitment. We want municipalities to bring projects forward that focus on creating jobs for their communities. We do not want to tell municipalities what projects to build in their communities; but we will ensure that projects meet provincial conditions and requirements. Additionally, proposals need to show how the project affects the environment and what measures they will take to mitigate those impacts. Our Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan is committed to strong enforcement of our lakes, waterways and groundwater from pollution. With our environmental plan and our Open for Business planning tool, we are empowering municipalities to choose projects that are good for their community. If you have any questions about this bill or another provincial matter, I encourage you to contact my office at 519-941-7751 or by email at sylvia.jonesco@pc.ola.org. 



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