Low voter turnout

November 1, 2018   ·   0 Comments

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Mayor Thompson states that he is surprised by the low voter turnout, but I think one of the reasons for this could be phantom electors.

I have two adult children who have lived and owned property in other municipalities for a number of years, and are registered to vote where they live. They are also still registered in Caledon. I have tried to get them removed from our elector list, but they must present themselves here, on a weekday, with identification to do this. As this is impractical, they are still listed as potential voters and we get voting cards for them.

How many other families are in the same situation, where their adult offspring reside elsewhere and vote where they live? How many people who once resided in Caledon have moved elsewhere and are still listed here? 

The entity handling the voter’s lists for the federal and provincial elections seem to have no problems with this situation, so it must be a ‘municipal’ thing. What we need is a municipal elector audit to determine exactly how many voters we really have prior to an election.

William Boyd




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