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Bolton group continues to grow

October 11, 2018   ·   0 Comments

Written By Joshua Santos

It started as a forum for residents to be informed in the community.

A Facebook group is becoming more popular as it just surpassed 2,000 members. Its inception began two years ago.

“I believe at the time Bolton and Caledon didn’t really have a group to voice or represent the actual citizens, said Crystal Larouche, creator of the group. “Anything that was really run was more like a buy and sell group and not really a place where people can go and discuss stuff about the Town or look for businesses and connect with other citizens. I basically built it as a community hub.”

The mandate for the group is to support each other by answering each other’s questions about Bolton and Caledon, business referrals, give tips, rant and much more.

Users may post pictures and memories of the community, start discussions or chats, post about garage sales, newspaper articles, clean rants. There are however some limitations.

Residents are encouraged to discuss businesses on Mondays only, political posts on Wednesdays and Farmer’s Markets on Fridays. Local events, sports teams and charities or non-profit organizations may post at any time.

Current posts include the proposed Bolton asphalt processing plant, traffic complaints, election posts, questions about facilities, purchasing tips, Town Hall discussions, upcoming events and many more.

“A lot of people want to come for information and not be bombarded with business posts, said Larouche. “Just like every other Facebook group, they have rules for when businesses can post just to make it fair for people that don’t want to see business posts all the time. We do it all on one day to make it fair for everybody. Everyone can share their business, share what they have for sale or what type services they do and everyone else can look for it on that day. They can see people’s businesses.”

With a simple idea in mind, Larouche never expected the page to get as big as it is. She’s receiving group requests from people in town and some from afar.

“It’s grown to be way bigger than I ever thought it was plus (with) more people,” said Larouche. “I’m getting people from all the way around Caledon, obviously a lot of Bolton people. We even have a few people from Orangeville and a few surrounding areas.”

With an influx of members, she said it was difficult for her to moderate the page by herself. This prompt her to bring on board Ryan Macor and Danny Mallah as administrators and one moderator.



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