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Decision 2018: Your Ward 1 candidates speak

October 4, 2018   ·   0 Comments


This week, we continue our series on getting to know the men and women who are running to be your area and regional councillors. This week, it’s your Ward 1 candidates starting with area, then regional.


Previous Municipal Experience; Area Councillor 3 years and Regional Councillor for 6 years, Ward One, Town of Caledon; Commissioner, Niagara Escarpment Commission; Board Member of Toronto Region Conservation Authority and Watershed Management Board. Served on 22 committees on Caledon and Region of Peel Councils. Credit Valley Conservation Foundation. Chair Inglewood Secondary Plan Committee. By careful listening and civil discussion with other representatives I achieved consensus on issues important to Caledon and Peel residents.

I’ve been active both as an elected representative and as an advocate for citizen groups for several decades. Now I’m committing to represent you for the next 4 years.  As a representative for Ward 1 I also represent the whole of Caledon as my vote counts the same as other Ward Councillors. It is essential to seek consensus together for all residents here now and in the future.

Issues I intend to champion are:

Ward 1 roads have been neglected over the years and are so poor vehicles are being damaged. Service levels have been reduced not improved. Improved road quality must become a priority investment.

Recreation facilities for Ward 1. Town has been shutting facilities down with no replacement plan and no assessment of Ward 1 recreation needs.

Improve the Building Department speed and quality of service. Applications for new building and renovations now take two to four months to obtain with many added Town requests, causing further delay, for minor information not stipulated at initial application stage.

Permissive Official Plan housing policies for seniors co-op housing and Building By-law changes to support aging-in-place features for new house construction.


E mail sinclaircaledon@

Facebook:  Vote Sinclair


I was born and raised in Ward 1, and as a matter of fact I am the fifth generation of my family to live on our property.  Over the past 170 years or so my family has seen many changes in Caledon.  In recent years, I’ve seen a great deal of concerning and dysfunctional behaviours on Town Council related to ego and personal disputes.  I don’t like this behaviour and neither should you.   Ward 1 and Caledon deserve more from their councillors. 

In my experience in the demanding world of logistics, my work as a masonry contractor, and my community volunteer work I have learned that no person can be an island – teamwork is vital to success.  I plan to use my skills, experience and knowledge to bring together the villages and hamlets, identify the shared issues of Ward 1 and achieve some wins at Town and Regional Councils.  Ward 1 deserves to receive value for their taxpayer dollars, and I will work to achieve this.

I will work for improved road safety, road quality and high quality recreation services for all ages.  As well, we need to plan for the increases in our senior citizen population and the associated housing, and service requirements.  Please vote Tom Sweeney on October 22nd.

Tom Sweeney

18073 Kennedy Road,

Caledon, ON

L7K 1Y7

Phone: (519) 278-0678

Facebook:Tom Sweeney for Ward 1


I have always been passionate about Caledon and the people who live here. My wife Susan and I moved here 19 years ago and raised both our daughters here.

I continue to proudly serve as a Caledon Volunteer Firefighter for the last 18 years.  Retiring from a 30 year career at Rogers, I am able to dedicate 100% of my time and effort to Ward 1, which needs and deserves it.

As a Councillor, my customers are the residents. I commit to open communication and feedback in advance for all pending Caledon issues. Residents need a voice … they want to be heard.

An informed customer is a happy customer. I will work toward happy residents.

Issues I will champion at the Council table include openness and approachability; be proactive not reactive.

Key resident issues include: road maintenance, traffic flow, the needs of our seniors, respect and support for our unique villages and hamlets, plus enhancement of recreational facilities in Ward 1.

As the voice of the residents, I will work to resolve issues without any personal agenda or conflict of interest, building healthy relationships with other Councillors and staff. The sign above the Council Chamber entrance should read “Leave your ego and personal agendas at the door”.

I am not running as an aspiring career politician. I am running for the chance to better serve our community

Resident 19 years with my wife Susan and 2 daughters

30 yrs. Rogers Tech, with Fiber Optic experience. Fully retired.

18 yrs. Volunteer Fire Fighter, President Alton Fire Fighters Association.

Mobile (416) 567-0737


FB Dwayne Jackson


I am a wife and a mother of a 23-year-old son. I have lived in Ward 1 my entire life. I grew up on a small three-acre farm near Alton. We now live in Inglewood.

I retired from a career with ScotiaMcLeod 2 years ago. My position there taught me the value of team work and due diligence.

I have always enjoyed serving my community through volunteering efforts, including the Village Association, Wines of the World (Rotary). I am not a seasoned politician, but rather a woman who deeply cares for the area I love so much. I do not have a “political team”, but rather my family and trusted friends assisting me in this endeavour.

My pledge, as your local councillor, is to be the champion for our Ward and be your voice at the council table. I wish to represent our needs and concerns with strength and professionalism. I believe in a hands-on, back-to-basics approach, and when I am contacted I will listen to you, to make sure I understand fully. Residents are sharing with me their issues of clean safe water, environment protection and preservation of our historic villages and hamlets. The influences of additional aggregate pits are leading to increased traffic and noise. We must work smarter to change these influences. 

Seniors are a growing segment of Caledon’s population. I believe we must act now to ensure our seniors have affordable, appropriate housing.

I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please reach out to me at 416-575-8441, and consider Lynn Kiernan for Area Councillor October 22.


Born in UK, Derbyshire, apprenticed as electrician at the local water authority. Emigrated to Australia, after two years returned to UK, married, emigrated to Canada 1976. March 1978 I joined Ontario Hydro and lived in Bruce County, I have two children. We had a farm and later moved into Port Elgin I  coached soccer, swimming and organized squash tournaments.

I joined Saugeen Township council early 1990s, we amalgamated with Pt Elgin and Southampton 1998 as Town of Saugeen Shores.

Left Ontario Hydro (OPG) in 2001 while working at 800 University Ave, Toronto as Senior Advisor Safety, settled in Bolton around 2004, moved to Airport Rd when we married in 2010. Now work with my wife’s travel business “Airstream Travel”.

Past experience on council gives me insight with municipal workings, my data skills coupled with an ability to interpret results makes me an excellent choice as the new face of Ward One.

“Find, focus, shift the needle…….repeat”.

Champion for open Government and efficient spending.

@billmotleybailey. Or @cadillacbill21.

Tel: 647-883-6070


Having lived in Ward 1 for most of my life, I understand and care deeply about issues facing us now and in the future.  My work in the private financial sector made me a team-minded leader, collaborating to reach effective solutions with goal-specific planning.

Smart road planning is needed now to reduce costs and improve efficiency in the future.  I’ll work tirelessly to protect us from costly road works serving drivers passing through instead of those which create a desirable rural network for our community. 

The threat of suburbanization must be tackled immediately.  Developers push agendas that serve their interests but not those of the existing community.  I’ll be the strong, informed voice needed to manage development and safeguard our rural way of life. 

Visitors flock to bask in our landscapes and serenity. We need to plan now for infrastructure and facilities that efficiently manage a growing volume of day visitors and support local businesses. I’ll listen to my community and lead the development that’s needed for local businesses to thrive. — 905-872-1331 –


I am a proud Caledon father and business owner with over 25 years of business experience in various trades and industries. I have extensive experience as an entrepreneur dealing with municipal governments from the outside looking in. This experience would be an asset to our Town Council. I have been a dedicated member of various school  parent councils since 2004. I believe in standing up for our community. I believe I can bring a fresh perspective to some of the challenges our town is facing. I envision supporting Caledon in preserving our small town feel and culture. While trying to ensure a successful future for the town.  Some of the items I wish to see improvements and changes if elected would be , Broadband expansion, improved road repairs, better partnership with Police to Ensure road Safety and Home Security, Smarter Residential growth, and  Support the needs Caledon Seniors .  I hope you agree. With that, I am humbly asking for your support and vote on October 22, 2018.


905.757.8885  |  |

12451 Airport Rd

Caledon ON L7C2X3



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