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After 160 years, Bolton Fall Fair still drawing big crowds

September 13, 2018   ·   0 Comments


It’s 160 years old, yet young and fun and full of life as ever. The Bolton Fall Fair will be rolling out the animals, midway and all the entertainment and attractions that make it such a unique event in this part of the world.

Albion and Bolton Agricultural Society secretary Judy Henderson said the fun begins Thursday, Sept. 20 with the opening of the midway, something that brings the young crowd running.

The fair officially opens the following day with the Opening Ceremonies on the main stage at 6:30 p.m. along with the Crowning of Ambassadors.

Just an hour later, the real party crashers arrive when the demolition derby begins. This fan favourite is always scheduled to run rain or shine.

Of course, all the events people have to enjoy and expect are still on tap, including the dairy show, the Caledon Cruisers car Show, the 4-H Garden Tractor and Open Pull, the spaghetti eating contest, the arm-wrestling challenge, a baby show, tug of war, local bands, and the somewhat infamous Cow Plop Bingo (that has been known to use a stunt sheep when the cow couldn’t perform its duty.

“About 5,000 people come out every year,” Henderson said, adding planning for each year’s fair starts soon after the previous one ends. “By January, we have the Home Craft section out so that everyone has a year to prepare for the Home Craft stuff. The ribbons and trophies are ordered by April. It’s about 120 in this society and we have many volunteers.”

Henderson laughed when describing the spaghetti eating contest. “Some young kid wins it every year. It’s not even the adults that win it.”

Then there’s the Cow Plop Bingo.

“That’s where we draw a bingo card on the cement and we number all the squares and you get to buy a square and we put a cow in there and wherever the plops is the winner. Sometimes it takes a while and sometimes we have to bring in a different cow. I think last year we actually had to bring in a sheep. It was just taking way too long.”

As for the arm-wrestling contest, men have taken a back seat to a woman for years.

“I’ve been here the last three years and she won it every year,” Henderson said, “and I think it’s been way longer than that.”

The tug of war is usually school versus school, which makes for good rivalries and spirited matches, she added.

And for those wanting to shake off a little tension, there will also be axe throwing.

The Bolton Fall Fair officially runs from Sept. 21 – Sept. 23 at the Albion Bolton Fairgrounds. For more information, visit



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