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Roxie’s rolls into new Caledon East store location

September 13, 2018   ·   0 Comments


Guyenese-born, Welsh-educated, Roxie Deabreu-Mountain has spent the last 22 years embedded in the Caledon community.

Since opening the Inglewood General Store in 1997, “Roxie” has been a merchant of goods, fine food, and conversation to all who walk through her doors. “They used to say I sold expensive lunches, because people would walk in for a coffee and walk out with three hundred dollars worth of stuff,” says Roxie.

So dedicated to her new store opening in Caledon East, It’s Roxies, she was working on her 63rd birthday. More than just a business to her, Roxie loves interacting with people on a daily basis, and the friendships that have formed during customer visits.

Roxanne opened the clothing segment of her business nine years ago in the General Store, when she began by selling purses and scarves to her clientele. Looking to provide an alternative to the mass-produced products sold in box stores, Roxie began sourcing unique boutique items for her clients, women who want to look fashionable. She found she enjoyed helping people to find clothes to suit their body shapes, and began to relish those personal shopping successes along the way. “It’s such a great feeling when you go out and find five items for a customer and she buys four of them. It gives you a lot of personal satisfaction.”

Last year Roxie branched out and opened a separate full boutique in Belfountain. This Labour Day weekend, her family spent four days helping her move into her new location in Caledon East. She received warm greetings from the other local businesses, whose staff members came by specifically to welcome her. “It’s unheard of; I was almost in tears.”

Others dropping by to welcome her and wish her success were friends Mayor Allan Thompson and Regional Councillor Jennifer Innis. She has known the mayor for thirty years, both families being involved with the dairy farming industry. Thompson, she says, has always encouraged her in business, and his wife Anne and Jennifer Innis are both customers themselves. Regarding working out of Caledon East, Roxie says, “I love it. It’s one of the small towns that’s still a village.”

Every season brings a new challenge, something that Roxie revels in. “I need to be challenged all the time, from the moment I get out of bed in the morning.”

This season’s challenges include showcasing the hottest new colours of red and cinnamon, bat wing sweaters, and new cruise wear.

It’s Roxie’s sells from sizes XS to 2X, and is located in the Carusi hair salon plaza on Airport Road. Store hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., extended until 6 p.m. on Thursdays.



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