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Caledon’s mayoral candidates speak out

August 9, 2018   ·   0 Comments

This is the beginning of our coverage of the upcoming Oct. 22 municipal election. This week, we ask the candidates for mayor of Caledon why you should vote for them.


Barb Shaughnessy

My decision to run for Mayor is based on putting “Community First”.

Last Term, I attended meetings throughout Caledon to hear directly from residents and businesses. I advocated for community building, and sound political decisions that serve all of Caledon.

The Mayor is not just one vote. The Mayor is the CEO of the Town – and like CEOs in business, as your Mayor I will lead by providing vision, direction, and inspiration for both Council and Town administration.

We need to move from a Town culture known for “No” to a Town that looks to say “Yes”. When companies need a culture shift, they hire a new CEO.

Caledon needs leadership that refuses to bow to bureaucrats and demands better from developers.

We are on the edge of a precipice and Caledon’s future is at stake. We must do a better job planning and managing the impacts. 

Past Councils have had complete disregard for quality of life in our largest village.  We must do better for Bolton, Caledon’s prime economic driver. 

Caledon East is doubling in size. Mayfield West is expanding. What impact will that have on our infrastructure, parks, recreation, to preserve quality of life?

We need a Mayor who values our small villages and hamlets. A Mayor who understands and maintains the delicate balance we live in our urban/rural lifestyle. Our rural Caledon is different than our urban Caledon. I know both worlds. I have lived in both worlds. I appreciate, respect and value the differences.

My decision to run for Mayor was easy. You either stand up for what you believe, or you don’t stand for anything.

It’s Time to do things a better way.


Kelly Darnley

Why I Should Be Caledon’s Next Mayor.

This may be the most important election Caledon will ever have.

We are facing a crucial number of issues that will decide what type of community we want.

Caledon is growing and changing rapidly, and not everyone agrees that these changes have been for the better.

I have a vision for how we can manage these changes without sacrificing the quality of life for all Caledon residents.

I believe that we can attract creative, good-paying jobs closer to home that will allow our residents to spend more time with their families and less time stuck in traffic commuting to and from work.

I do not support this Council’s plan to turn Caledon into a freight village. We can build vibrant, livable, walkable neighbourhoods.

One of my priorities will be to bring high-speed affordable internet throughout Caledon. I will also work hard to make our roads and communities safer.

This is the election that will determine whether we sit by and watch our property taxes continue to rise to pay for poor planning decisions or choose to change to a Council that will respect you and your hard-earned money.

My roots are deep in Caledon. I grew up in Caledon, have lived here for 51 years, and raised my children here. Caledon matters to me.

It’s time for a change from the old boys (and girls) system of government that has characterized the past twenty years.

We need open, transparent and accountable leadership.

We need innovative and dynamic leadership.

We need a town that reflects your priorities.

I want to bring change for a better Caledon.

That’s why I’m running to be your Mayor.


Allan Thompson

Why should I be your next Mayor?

On behalf of Caledon residents your Council team undertook many aggressive and smart initiatives in the past four years. To fully realize the benefits there is more hard work to do.

Advancing Internet access, increasing options for seniors to downsize, affordable options for young families to get into the market and easing traffic gridlock–all important.

They just don’t happen with the stroke of a pen. These are important issues to Caledon and so they are important issues to me.

It only happens through collaboration with industry partners and all levels of government.

Understanding the complex legislation, such as Places to Grow and rapid changes in challenges we face as a Municipal government and being able to stand strong for Caledon and my passion to do so, is another reason to run again.

My entire 15 years of service–first as Area Councillor, then Regional Councillor for Ward 2 and four years as your Mayor–I’ve proven my ability to bring together the right people, at the right time, to build consensus, resolve issues through collaboration and negotiation and achieve results for Caledon.

This election is a critical one for the future of our Town.

Caledon is under pressure and strong, proven leadership that is committed to maintaining and delivering on Caledon’s unique vision is needed now more than ever. Over the past four years I have stood strong for Caledon and I will continue to do so.

Recent national press alluded to the strength of leadership over three terms of council that it has taken in our community to withstand external and internal pressures, to keep Caledon unique. As this coverage shows over the last decade standing strong for Caledon included great personal costs.

This is the community where I was born and raised and where Anne and I have raised our two amazing, made-in-Caledon young adults…seventh generation Canadians in our beautiful part of the community.

Caledon is in my blood. Together we all achieve the living-in-Caledon benefits that draw us here and keep us here.

Standing up for Caledon is what fuels my personal drive.



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