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August 9, 2018   ·   0 Comments

By Janet Clark

If you are a young professional starting out you are probably thinking that the last thing you should be doing to advance your career is attending a meeting of your local Rotary Club. Let me highlight 3 key elements of the value that Rotary can bring to any young professional:

Networking: Rotary was founded on the principle of networking by Paul Harris. People do business with people they know. People also hire and give leads about potential hiring opportunities to people they know. Promotions are on merit, but a connection may get you that very important first interview.

Leadership: Through Rotary, your professionals also have the opportunity to hold leadership roles in the club and build out their community service profile in their resume. More and more Employers take an interest in the holistic view of the their employees, and having a give back attitude is an employable quality.

Mentorship:Our club has a lawyer, accountants, engineers, Sales Executives, Real Estate Agents,  Travel Agents, police officers, and a number of active and retired Business Owners, and a whole host of other professionals. The members of the Rotary Club of Bolton represent many of the primary businesses in Bolton. For any young professional starting out, your mentor is probably a phone call away. Look up your local Rotary Club on the Web, and give your local Rotary Club President a call. Ask him/her if your profession is represented in the Club,  attend a meeting ( the first one at The Palgrave Club is free!), pick the member’s brain for leads and advice.

These are just 3 things that Rotary can offer young professionals starting out. It comes as well with having fun, getting to know people, and doing good and helping others. Give us a call, check us out on the web, and drop by to say hello. We’d be happy to help launch your career and plug you into our network. Adapted by Janet Clark based on a blog by Michael Walstrom on Rotary.org.



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