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July 12, 2018   ·   0 Comments

By Jim Firth

Rotary was founded in Chicago on the ideals of various business people getting together to lend their professional services and help out in their community. The weekly meetings of the original Professional members to organize projects would rotate between their offices, hence the term Rotary.

For over a century to become a Rotarian you had to be recommended by a member and share your vocation with the club. Sometimes there were limits on the number of any one professional in a club. Rotary has changed a lot since then. You no longer have to be referred to a club by an existing member to join. Meetings are held less frequently, usually at a location where you can enjoy a quick meal (our meetings are Wednesday nights for dinner).

One constant within our club is the varied skills and experiences of our members. Whether they are retired, mid-career or just starting out, the different vocations for all of our members is astounding.  Our members are realtors, police officers, lawyers, accountants, contractors, pilots, teachers, super salespeople, entrepreneurs and so on.  If you are starting your career and need to gain insight from our members, please join us. If you have a service to share and wish to help out in your community, please join us.

Employers today are looking for people with community service, management experience, and those little extras on their resume. In my day job resumes cross my desk for eager new professionals and I’m always surprised at the amount of extra-curricular experience these candidates have. Its common place now to interview candidates who have contributed to the community through volunteerism beyond their education and work terms. Another great reason to join Rotary is to build up your portfolio of experiences and gain leadership skills. Feel free to join us.

For more information go to www.rotaryclubofpalgrave.com



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