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Student donates hair for cancer

July 5, 2018   ·   1 Comments


Hair today, gone tomorrow. Horrible pun aside, that aptly describes the day young Aiden Singh experienced June 21 when he allowed a barber to cut off his flowing locks to help an unknown cancer patient feel a little better about herself again.

The ponytail he had been growing for more than two years will be woven into a wig for a cancer patient who has lost her hair.

“My mom and my dad started talking about donating my hair for cancer. And then they started talking about it more often,” said the 10-year-old Singh. “And I decided to go for it.”

His dad, Egon, said Aiden has always had long hair. “We trimmed it a couple of times, but the last two, two-and-a-half years he let it grow out. For any donation, the hair has to be over eight inches of length that has to be donated. So we made sure we grew it long enough and he took care of it and washed it all of the time.”

Egon’s barber, Lawrence Anthony, whose own mother is a cancer survivor, made the trek from Mississauga to Belfountain Public School to do the deed during the school’s Sunset BBQ.

“I actually kind of like my new haircut,” Aiden said. “When I brush it back it looks better.”

He added it’s a nice feeling to do something, “for somebody who has lost so many things, including their hair. I donated my hair so somebody could have a wig so they don’t have to go bald.”

Egon said he’s proud of his son. “You try and raise the boys as best you can and try to teach them respect and for him to do something selfless like that for someone he doesn’t even know is a great deed. As a parent, you’re very proud of him doing something so selfless.”

Aiden’s younger brother Tristan made sure to get in on the action by collecting almost $150 from parents while the haircut was ongoing.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths is the organization that will take the hair and find a recipient.



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  1. bassemg says:

    holy this is @ktladc!! I’d let him cut my long hair any day. follow this man on instagram crazy

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