Captain Jack, Captain and Tenille and a whole lot of Misery on this day

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1846 — Adolphe Sax patents the saxophone.

1855 — Sigma Chi fraternity is founded in North America. They are immediately placed on double-secret probation.

1914 — Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie are assassinated in Sarajevo. This event triggers the First World War.

1919 — Five years later to the day, the Treaty of Versailles is signed, ending the war between Germany and the allies.

1997 — Mike Tyson is disqualified in a heavyweight championship fight for biting a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear off.

Born on the Day

1491 — Henry the Vlll of England.

1946 — Gilda Radner, actress, comedian, star of the original Saturday Night Live.

1948 — Kathy Bates, actress and Oscar winner as Best Actress for Misery. But she was even better in The Late Show.

1960 — Roland Melanson, hockey player and coach, who had one of the great nicknames of his time: Rollie the goalie.

1971 — Elon Musk, businessman, inventor, sent his car into space.

1986 — Kellie Pickler, singer, actress and American Idol contestant, who everyone seemed to love — for a while.

This Day in Music

1975 — The Captain and Tennille started a four-week run at No. 1 with Love Will Keep Us Together.

1986 — Genesis releases Invisible Touch, it’s most successful album. It remained on the charts for 96 weeks and sold more than 96 million copies.

1994 — George Michael loses his lawsuit against Sony Records and vows never to work with them again. He re-signs with them in 2003. Never say never, my friends.

2011 — People Magazine reports country singer Glen Campbell has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

This Day in Film

1930 — Future Lawrence of Arabia director David Lean weds his first cousin.

1996 — The Nutty Professor, starring Eddie Murphy is released. It would become a big hit.

2003 — Pirates of the Carribean: The Black Pearl premieres at Disneyland. It would be released worldwide July 9.

2010 — Actress Sandra Bullock admits it was all a big mistake and divorces Monster Garage star Jesse James.

2017 — Spiderman: Homecoming is released. Because the world needed another Spiderman movie.



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