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Green Party candidate pleased with a seat at the table

June 14, 2018   ·   0 Comments


The 2018 Ontario general election is in the books, and it was a doozy, filled with historic results both good and bad. In the case of the Green Party, it was certainly good.

After never-ending coverage and heated discussions that could give Donald Trump a run for his money, the provincial election saw PC leader Doug Ford secure a majority government with 76 seats. The NDPs secured 40 seats to form the Official Opposition. The Liberals, lead by Kathleen Wynne, saw a historic drop to only seven seats, losing its official party status for the first time in the party’s history.

Perhaps the biggest historical moment was Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party, who received the majority of the votes in his riding in Guelph to secure a seat at Queens Park. This marks the first time in the party’s history they have won a seat.

“This whole campaign has been a win-win for me,” said Dufferin-Caledon Green candidate Laura Campbell to the Citizen during election night. “This is a change election.”

“It’s a very exciting night in Guelph,” Mr. Schreiner told CTV Toronto. “We’ve made history.”

He added that, “When people see elected Greens in action, they see that we do politics differently … they want to elect more Greens.”

Ms. Campbell said that having a seat at Queens Park “is huge for us,” as there will be another voice a the table and different options for Ontarians when election time happens. “I’m super excited for what’s to come.”

She described the Green Party as “incorruptible,” and come debate time for the next election, they will be there to further help spread the word

Ms. Campbell added that she plans to run again in four years, and will still be around actively with the party. “I’m not going anywhere.”



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