How many truck drivers are not sober behind the wheel?

May 24, 2018   ·   0 Comments

This week as I drove through the Forks of The Credit and all it’s beauty, I couldn’t help notice the mangled guard rail at the hair pin turn on the forks of the credit road. And this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Even with the very large signs alerting all drivers that they must turn off this road prior to this very tight corner, this truck driver missed all the signs and then destroyed the guard rail as he tried to make the 180 degree turn with an 18 wheeler.

This was reported several weeks ago in the paper and it stated the 59 year old driver was from out of town (BC) and was impaired, also a disqualified driver with his licence  suspended, etc etc etc. Then I thought if it wasn’t for this tight turn, he may never have been caught.

That is a very scary thought.Since 1990 when trucking in Ontario was deregulated and now it appears absolutely everything goes over the road via trucks and the truck traffic is very congested with much bigger rigs as well.

I have great respect for good truck drivers as it is a very demanding job, but how many of the drivers on the road or sober and genuinely responsible for the loads they haul.

Brian Perras




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