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Caledon Foot Clinic recognizes national foot month

May 3, 2018   ·   0 Comments


Caledon Foot Clinics and Orthotics, located off of Airport Road in the Caledon East village, provides a variety of services to ensure comfortable, healthy feet.

The Caledon clinic has been open for three years, while a new location in Kleinburg opened just over a year ago.

Hasinah Shaqiq has been serving the Bolton community for nearly 10 years and is the owner of the clinic. She has also been serving the downtown Toronto community at the Medcan Clinic, which is Canada’s leading executive health clinic.

She told the Citizen that she got into foot care because several family members dealt with foot problems and complaints. “I think that was the main precursor.”

Ms. Shaqiq explained they provide services for a variety of foot conditions, and specialize in everything related to the foot and ankle, from your basic foot pain to an injury or sprain. “We offer therapeutic laser, sometimes we do acupuncture.” They offer orthotics, and custom insoles, and they see a variety of people, from kids to seniors.

She said people with diabetes deal with foot problems, as it impacts the nerves, which can lead to an infection, lose of feeling, and amputations. “The glucose in the blood makes it so thick. Then what happens is it doesn’t allow the blood to flow properly.”

She added if someone is a diabetic, they should have them cut their toe nails, because the way it is cut could lead to an infection or an in-grown toe nail.

Other foot problems Ms. Shaqiq pointed out to are the way someone walks, the position of the joints, or nail conditions. “You could be having knee pain and that could be related to your foot, you could have back pain and that could be related to your feet.”

With May being National Foot Health Month, she said they do education, but throughout the year, on “types of footwear, how you should do stretches, things like that.”

She described the feet as the foundation to the body, and people attend to their hands and face more because they are more visible. “You stand on it, you put weight on it.”

She noted that the feet compensate for other pains in the body, and more foot related problems take place during the summer.

“In winter you tend to either have boots on or closed shoes on, everything is protected. In the summer people walk bare feet, they get splinters, they walk bare feet around pools, they get warts.”

Ms. Shaqiq encourages everyone that hygiene and good shoes are the best care for feet. “We encourage that you have stability shoes. Nothing floppy, nothing too big.”

She added that if your feet hurt, they need to be addressed right away. “Pain is not normal.”



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