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Coun. Barb Shaughnessy to run for mayor

May 3, 2018   ·   0 Comments


Ward 1 Regional Councillor Barb Shaughnessy is putting her name in the hat for the position of mayor for the upcoming municipal election.

First elected back in 2014, Councillor Shaughnessy told the Citizen that she wants to run for mayor for the right reasons, which are representing the people and the community. “Over the last few years, I felt that community were coming out to the meetings but not being listened to and not being heard.”

She said when the decision came to put her name in the running for mayor, it was to either get out, or move up, and felt that Caledon is able to have a strong voice. “Somebody who would listen to the people, listen to the businesses, listen to the community, and try to find a balance through all that.”

She said that if elected as mayor, she will be one with vision, to supply direction, and inspiration moving forward, and to share that with Caledon.
Councillor Shaughnessy added that Caledon is unique. “We have an urban area, and we have a rural area, and I think most people don’t understand both sides of that.”

She explained that by growing up in both the city and the country, she has the best of both worlds. “I think I have the ability to unite that urban and rural instead of them being in competition with one another. I think we actually compliment one another.”

Councillor Shaughnessy said she believes her experience, both as a politician and as a business owner, what she’s accomplished, and what she can do, are what it takes to bring Caledon “to the next step, something we can all be proud of.” She said that doing different developments than from other areas is what can keep that uniqueness.

She added that Caledon is a big area and everyone has expectations as to what they want, and need to manage them. “In Caledon we need to create teams that work.”

She also said that she thinks big picture, knowing the issues in the other wards, and will always keep residents in the know of where she stands on issues or topics.

Asked about the upcoming elections, both provincial and municipal, Councillor Shaughnessy said that a change is happening in the way politics are being done, with citizens wanting leaders to not have personal agendas, and want straight answers instead. “It’s all about the people they serve.”



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