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Province recognizes six Brampton emergency response volunteers

April 19, 2018   ·   0 Comments


Six Brampton residents were honoured with 2018 Ontario Volunteer Service Awards at an event in Brampton.

Ralph Denney, Linda Duguay, Krishan Dutt, Louise Gomez, Brian Gower and Bruce Lilley were recognized for their years of volunteer service, most of them reaching 15 years On Wednesday, April 11. They all gained their service through the Brampton Community Emergency Response Volunteers (CERV), a program established by the Brampton Emergency Management Office to provide support during a major community emergency and at various events in Brampton.

The Honourable Harinder Malhi, Minister of the Status of Women, presented the awards on behalf of the Province.

“Thank you to these volunteers for their years of service to Brampton and to this excellent emergency response support program,” said Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey. “I’m proud of them, and confident they reflect a community where residents reach out to help their neighbours when they need a hand.”
The CERV program was established in 2003, in keeping with Brampton’s goal to be a leader in emergency management and emergency preparedness community programs. The City offers free training, and once completed, program participants are prepared to assist emergency responders when an emergency incident occurs in the city, as well as assist the Brampton Emergency Management team in public education on personal and family preparedness.

Ms. Dutt said the CERV program matched her passion for helping others. “The most rewarding aspect of being part of CERV has been working with a well-established organization to support education around personal and public safety.”

CERV training is designed to mitigate risk, and familiarize volunteers with the ins and outs of emergency response organizations and processes, so they can be of assistance in a crisis.

“One of the great truths in life is that there is great satisfaction in helping others,” said Bruce Lilley, a 15-year volunteer.

“It has been both rewarding and a joy to have participated in various city events. Although there have been few emergencies where CERV have been called out to assist, helping out at various city events has provided an opportunity to inform the general public about what the city’s Emergency Management Office and CERV are doing, and provide basic information on being prepared for emergencies.”

Mr. Lilley added that, “Brampton is very well prepared for any emergency that we might face, and is probably the best prepared city in the country.”



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