Be careful what you post on social media

April 2, 2018   ·   0 Comments

Over the past few weeks, OPP Detachments within the Central Region (which includes Caledon) have been involved in six criminal investigations that have focused on posts made to various social media platforms.
These investigations have taken place after a picture, and in some cases inappropriate comments in relation to a school, were made.
Given the nature of these threats, OPP treats them very seriously and conducts thorough and detailed investigations, which often require the utilization of significant police based resources in order to properly evaluate the content and the intent of the threat. In five of these investigations, police have laid criminal charges.
Social media platforms provide an individual an audience to express personal opinions which can often generate online conversation. When comments of a threatening nature are conveyed and the police learn about them, in the interest of public safety, investigations are launched and involved persons are held accountable.
Police encourage parents to remind their children about the need to be respectful when posting comments or images upon any social media platform. The electronic world provides an incredible array of opportunities for people of all ages to communicate, express their opinions or seek input from others, but is certainly not a place for violent threats in any form to be posted.



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