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Big pile of garbage draws wrath

March 21, 2018   ·   0 Comments

By Bill Rea
There comes a point when dumping of garbage goes too far, and a Duffys Lane man thinks that point has been reached.
Ryan Gulyas lives near the CP Rail line that crosses Duffys Lane, and he was furious to discover a big pile of apparently contaminated garbage had been dumped just off the road, in the clear area by the tracks. He said it happened either late last Thursday night or early Friday. He said a man on Humber Station Road reported hearing what sounded like a dump truck in the area at about 2:30 Friday morning.
He also pointed out there is a distinct petrol-like smell coming from the pile.
Gulyas was joined Tuesday morning by his children, area resident Edna Sears, Mayor Allan Thompson and Councillor Nick deBoer, looking over the pile, and none of them were pleased with what they saw.
“It’s Caledon’s constant problem,” Thompson commented.
It wasn’t clear where the debris would have come from. Thompson suggested it might have come from a wrecking yard, as there appeared to be some items that looked like they might have come from cars.
“Someone’s probably cleaned out an old house or garage or something,” he remarked.
Gulyas was angry at the impact something lie this could have on local property values, as well as the state of the area. He was concerned that people would see a pile like that and get the idea that it’s acceptable for them to dump too.
“This is one of the most disgraceful piles of you-know-what I’ve ever seen in my life,” he declared. “This is a dump truck full of contaminated waste.”
“The reality is the public shouldn’t think this is something acceptable,” deBoer observed.
Gulyas was hopeful that drawing attention to these incidents might prompt people to be more vigilant and pay attention.
“We just need a vigilant neighbourhood,” Thompson commented, adding people who see such activity going on should call their councillor, or Caledon OPP. He added if they see dumping in process, they should call 9-1-1.
“Don’t engage the individual,” he advised.
“If you want to keep Caledon beautiful, you’ve got to step up,” he added.
The matter was also brought up at Tuesday’s Town Council meeting.
“We’ve been having it or years,” Councillor Jennifer Innis observed, agreeing residents have to be vigilant to deal with it. “It’s sort of a Neighbourhood Watch.”
General Manager of Strategic Initiatives David Arbuckle told her that staff, for the last little while, has been highlighting the fact that people have tell the police when they see illegal dumping.
He added it’s happening in other places.
“It’s a concern, but it’s not just a concern for us,” he said.
Innis agreed a lot of residents might not realize they should call the police.
Councillor Barb Shaughnessy added there has been a lot of illegal dumping going on at Tottenham Pit.

The thumbs down from Anna and Ben Gulyas, Mayor Allan Thompson, Edna Sears, Ryan Gulyas and Councillor Nick deBoer indicates what they think of this pile of garbage that was dumped at the CP Rail Crossing at Duffys Lane.
Photo by Bill Rea



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