Rotary Club of Palgrave’s Weekly Rotary Minute

March 1, 2018   ·   0 Comments

By Jean Szmidt
What does being a Friend of Rotary mean?
Being a Friend of Rotary means you offer your time and friendship to a group of great people in your community looking to make a difference.
How much time do you need to dedicate? Well, that is entirely up to you. I have a career, a house/property to look after, enjoy hobbies, travel, but I also believe in and like to contribute. The Rotary Club of Palgrave offers me the flexibility to contribute my time and effort and I find this perfect for my life as my time commitments change.
Being a Friend of Rotary can mean simply attending one of their weekly meetings to share a meal with others, socialize and enjoy an informative presentation that evening. Or it can mean being involved in one of their many fund-raising events. We all have different talents, strengths, energy, passions and ideas, and it’s wonderful seeing these diverse talents come together in a successful event.
But something else happens. One’s sense of community and belonging grows. Your network of connections and friendships grow. So, do a little or do a lot. It’s up to you.
But be careful. It might be a bit of work, but you will have fun, you will make some new friends, and you will feel pretty good about doing some good in the community. Who knows, you might like it so much you’ll take the plunge and become a full-time member of the Club.
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