Round robins start in Sunday hockey

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Regular-season results are not always reflected in the post-season.
That’s being demonstrated after one night of action in the round robins of the Sunday Night Hockey League.
One point is awarded for winning a period, two points for winning the game and if a period is tied, each team gets half a point.
The Caledon Hills Brewing Co. Brewers were in sixth place in the standings at the end of the regular campaign, but they have started out at top of things in the post season with 4.5 points. The Inside Out Family Chiropractic Predators ended the season in second place, and that at least has not changed. The Ken’s Lawnmower Repair Blades were on top of things at the end of the season, and they are currently in third with three points, one behind the Predators. The Mr. Handyman Ice Hogs and the Pommies Cider Co. Wild played to a tie in the first evening of action, leaving them tied for fourth with 2.5 each. The St. Louis Bar and Grill Wings have two, followed by the Glen Eagle Golf Club Griffins with one and the Ainsley Fire Protection Fire.
Feb. 11
Blades 2, Wings 2
The first game of the evening saw neither team able to best the other, but the Blades came out with three points on the five-point system over the Wings.
Blade bin bulgers were Daryll Simpson (unassisted), and Kevin Wigner from Simpson. The Wings’ whipper was Victor Ranieri with both, helped by Derek Cleary and Larry Richardson.
Brewers 4, Fire 2
In a game that was close on the score sheet, the Brewers stole 4.5 points, leaving the Fire crew with only 0.5.
Brewer bashers were Joe Doan from Bob McHardy, Jay Beech from Dave Matheson, Brandon Scott from Beech and Doan, and Doan from Kevin Bowen. The Fire’s firer was Shane Ainsley with the pair, helped by Brian Dunn and Mike Andreoli.
Predators 2, Griffins 1
Another close game saw the Predators take four of five points while the Griffins were left with one.
Predator power came from Darren Jones with both goals, assisted by Kyle Bagg and Mike O’Brien. The Griffins’ go-to guy was Cory Schittenhelm from Lee Maunu and Richard Archer.
Ice Hogs 3, Wild 3
The last game of the night was once again a case of neither team being able to best the other as the Wild and the Ice Hogs split the points, 2.5 each.
Handyman hammers were dropped by Brad Sztorc from Marc de Abaitua, Adam Minatel from de Abaitua, and de Abaitua from Justin de Abaitua and Steve Pinarello. Wild warriors were Shaun Heron from James Sheridan, Steve Whitten (unassisted), and Whitten from Gary Morris.



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