From Queen’s Park by Sylvia Jones MPP — Shelburne deserves an advanced green — Sign my petition

February 20, 2018   ·   0 Comments

Anyone who drives through the Town of Shelburne knows that the intersection of Highway 10/89 and County Road 124 is overwhelmed.
Frankly, the intersection has become a hazard to the safety of Shelburne residents and Ontarians passing through town. Shelburne residents deserve better, and that is why I am disappointed that so far the Liberal government has been dragging their feet on installing an advanced green.
That is why I have been working with Mayor Ken Bennington and the Shelburne Council, who have been working very hard on this issue, to pressure the government to finally make this necessary change. I have launched a petition which calls on the Minister of Transportation to immediately install an advanced green at the intersection of Highway 89 and County Road 124 in Shelburne. You can find a copy of the petition at
The Town of Shelburne deserves this upgrade for many reasons. First, the intersection is a major artery for travel between Collingwood and the GTA. During cottage and ski season on a weekend, we all know how busy Highway 10 and Highway 89 can become.
Second, Statistics Canada has reported that Shelburne is the fastest growing community in Ontario. We also know that there is residential development slated to occur near the intersection. Many of Shelburne’s residents commute to work, and to Alliston, Brampton and Guelph. Shelburne needs this safety upgrade now, because this growth means traffic will only intensify.
Finally, we know from the County of Dufferin that there are traffic counts that backup the need for an advanced green at the intersection. The Minister has already said in a letter to council that there would be a review of the intersection in summer 2018. But I know that this intersection doesn’t need more study, it needs action, and an advanced green.
The Liberal government refuses to prioritize the safety of commuters and drivers travelling on Highway 10. The lack of action by the government on the intersection of Highway 10/89 and County Road 124 is reminiscent of their lack of action on safety improvements to Highway 10. I have spoken to many residents in the communities surrounding Highway 10, who simply do not feel safe travelling on the highway, particularly where the highway becomes just two lanes between Camilla and Primrose.
Public pressure works. There are many examples that if a community comes together and makes their voice heard, the government will listen. For example, restoring funding for autism services for children older than five.
Please visit my website
Print off a copy of the petition and return it to my office (244 Broadway in Orangeville). All copies returned to my office will be presented to the Ontario Legislature, and will require the Minister to respond. It is a great way for the government to see that you and your neighbours care about this issue.



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