Granite glory realized on local curling sheets

February 1, 2018   ·   0 Comments

By Shellee Morning
King Curling Club
The outside sheets (1 and 4) resulted in some extreme performances and high scoring games on both draws of the Wednesday league, consequently displaying some very lopsided scoreboards.
Up until this past week, Sandee Fennel; member of the league, reported that most games had been very close this season with the deciding point being left to the skills of the skips and their meticulousness shot making. Do the rocks have GPS navigating systems inside? Some may think so as a way of explaining the heavy one-sided scoring.
Sheet 4 featured the teams of Rhind and Sinclair, both of which are more than capable of winning due to the strategic play of their skips Wayne Rhind and Thomas Sinclair. Sinclair has been on the winning side of league champion earlier this season (Sunday Social League) and Rhind too has had experience with eminent championship style of play. Both know what it takes to hoist the trophy and what it means to earn the title.
Rhind tied for third and Sinclair just two points back, were about to hold nothing back in this game of match-ups. Rhind, seemingly in control with a 5-0 lead after three ends, didn’t feel sorry for his opponent as with each end he applied pressure and created the most difficult of shot for Sinclair, who was scrambling to find a point. Sinclair called for his team’s support to pursue points, and more than once “just missed” by mere centimeters. During the fourth, Sinclair and his team of Jim Power, Lisa Hutchinson and Roger Sinclair successfully set the house up after a rare miss by Rhind for the tricky “in-off” shot to the button for the point. The level of difficulty for this shot ranks right up there with the triples and run-backs, and Sinclair manufactured a beauty for the point. The Skipper would only be able to achieve one more for the count as Team Rhind tightened the grip and headed for the 7-2 victory.
Karl Petersen and his crew of Dean Teasdale, Lloy Bloom and Norma Jean Frans played against Fausto Mussato and his company of Shelley Courneya, Kim Koteff and Sharon Dorney on Sheet 1. Petersen collected one in the opening frame then rebounded with a steal of three in the second for the 4-0 lead. Mussato re-grouped for a single, changing the board for a 4-1 tally and remain in the hunt. Petersen would allow Mussato only one more and closed out the contest 7-2.
There would be one other lopsided draw that night between Team Schneider and Team Kolb.
The happy-go-lucky group of Kolb struggled from the get-go as Skip Jakob Schneider brilliantly guided his squad of Ginny Ross, Rick Yates and Cameron Ross towards their 8-1 triumph. Skip David Kolb and the husband and wife team of Robert and Patricia Lostracco along with Pat Earl will always be found with smiles on their faces and just plain happy for the opportunity to play. The Kolb team’s upbeat personalities are always a pleasure to play with and will no doubt turn the tables in their match.



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