Moments from the Golden Globe Awards

January 30, 2018   ·   0 Comments

On the “red carpet” at the Jan. 7 Golden Globe Awards, we saw a “walk” of black dresses and black suits worn in respect and support for abused and assaulted women everywhere.
They were wearing #Me Too pins!
The presenters were women in black dresses, and men in black ties, shirts and suits, which in itself spoke loud and clear to #Me Too. Women everywhere stating clearly it’s not okay any more.
As the TV cameras swept over the large audience, while awards were being announced and received, they revealed a “sea” of black dresses and suits. They came forward in total solidarity to #Me Too; women everywhere who continue to be abused and assaulted on a daily basis; treated as less than human beings.
This Golden Globe Awards show was viewed, no doubt, around the “globe.” For as Oprah Winfrey spoke from the heart through her own painful experience, she knew the truth of such endured pain — her voice resonating far and wide.
Oprah spoke with sincerity and conviction; empathy; a caring heart — a voice so loud and clear stated, Do not be afraid to speak up! Never be afraid to speak up! #Me Too — Time’s up.
Alice Malick Pettit,



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