From Queen’s Park by Sylvia Jones MPP — Winter driving — Stay safe

January 12, 2018   ·   0 Comments

With the recent arrival of cold, wintery weather, road safety should be at the forefront of everybody’s mind, particularly in light of some recent tragic accidents on Dufferin-Caledon roads and across Ontario.
Our community has suffered a number of serious accidents, including fatalities on our roadways this winter.
Driving safe on our roadways takes our complete focus. We need to be careful when driving to be in control and leave extra time to get where we are going. Simply put, winter driving is different. Drive for the weather conditions and allow extra space and time for maneuvers on our highways and roads. Steer gently and avoid hard braking, quick acceleration or abrupt gear changes. If you do find yourself skidding, stop braking, and steer into the skid. Remember to take the extra steps to be safe this winter.
That said, even with cautious driving, some of our local highways are in need of safety improvements. I have been working with the Town of Mono to make Highway 10 north of Camilla and south of Primrose two lanes. Together we have raised concerns directly to the Minister of Transportation about the safety on that stretch of road and the turn off onto Mono Centre Road onto Highway 10. I have also been working with the Town of Shelburne for an advance green at the intersection of Highway 89 and County Road 124.
Advocacy on the behalf of municipalities and residents can work. In 2013, I was successful in convincing the Ministry of Transportation to install a northbound and southbound left turning lane at Olde Base Line Road and Highway 10 in Caledon. I also successfully advocated for transverse pavement markings and temporary and periodic deployments of speed-activated feedback signs around Caledon village.
I also have been calling for better winter road maintenance. Since the Liberals reduced maintenance standards in 2009 from a two-hour bare road standard after a snow to eight hours, I have been hearing about concerning examples of road maintenance. That is why the PC Caucus and I have been calling for the Liberals to restore the standard back to two hours.
More can be done. That is why I am going to continue to work with your local municipalities and residents to ensure the right investments are being made in our roads throughout Dufferin-Caledon.
Please contact my office if you have suggestions for road safety improvements or concerns at or 1-800-265-1603.
Take care and drive safe this winter.



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