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January 10, 2018   ·   0 Comments

Egan Funeral Home held their 23rd annual Christmas Memorial Service at Nashville Road Community Church in December. More than 700 people gathered to hear Bill Webster’s message on “An Unexpected Change of Direction.” Anyone who has experienced a loss, whether this year or in years passed, were invited to attend. Many families commented how they begin their Christmas season with the candlelight service, as it helps them manage through the holiday season, along with Bill’s suggestions. After hearing Angela sing O Holy Night, families lit candles on the tree in memory of their loved one and then listened to Angela sing Breath of Heaven. Everyone found comfort in the readings by the clergy who attended. Pictured are Rev. Dr. John Vincent, Rev. Lloyd Paul, Johanna Webster, Angela Hay, Rev. Carol-Ann Chapman, Dr. Bill Webster, and organist Anatoly Ivchenko.



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