Curlers ‘trick-or-treat’ for the win in King play

November 9, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Shellee Morning
Halloween is celebrated by millions around the world, and members of the Friday Night League of the King Curling Club are among some of the best at dressing up for a thrilling and supernatural evening of disguise and screams.
The dark October evening left a chill in the air down at rink side with witches, pirates and The Joker, all to which tantalize their opponents during the league’s regular season matches. Bloodcurdling “hurry hard” screams created an eerie echo throughout the four sheets as players carved away at the scoreboard in their attempts to trick and terrify their way toward wins.
Team Wasylkiw haunted Team McKenzie in a tight end-for-end battle with great shot making and timely draws that left Skip Andrew McKenzie (aka The Joker) in an evil state of despair. The Cat in the Hat (played by Karel Span) on team Wasylkiw had a few tricks of his own to entertain the opposition, and that eventually helped to a team win and vaulting into a first place tie within the league.
Team Smith met up with Team Pirate Doug Brown, and although the Pirate was fierce and mighty, Smith would execute spine-chilling take-outs and mysterious draws to the button for the win and forcing the pirates to walk the plank and falling overboard.
Skip Gerald Duffy had a little witchcraft magic. Along with Mike Murphy and Sheila McKenzie, the Duffy team had all their broomsticks in action casting a spell of hocus pocus for the win and to remain tied for first on top of the league standings.
Team Roberston also defeated Team Lus after some chilling hit and rolls to remain in third position overall in the league standings.
Costume winners
Best Couple — Andrew McKenzie as The Joker and Sheila McKenzie as a Kangaroo.
Best Male Costume — Fiorenzo Gagliardi as Beetlejuice.
Best Female Costume — Karen Letwinka as June Cleaver.
New kids on the rink
The sport of curling is sweeping the nation, and with every Olympic year, there are more new curlers joining to be part of a fun and energetic sport that is for anyone between the ages six and 86.
King Curling is proud to announce a new up and coming junior team this season, with Skip Ethan Mumford, Kayla Emmerton as vice, Rachel Fenning as second and Cameron Sheardown as lead. Five years ago, these kids began their curling career in the club’s Little Rocks program and found themselves as part of a team representing King Curling in this year’s Toronto Curling Association (TCA) East Division.
The interest in youth curling has grown so much that last year’s 24-team roster has grown to 36 teams, expanding into two divisions, creating an East and West field. King competes with clubs coming from Oshawa, Whitby and Scarborough, who met for their first game this past Sunday.
First-time jitters were an obvious part of the game, but Mumford and his squad got on the scoreboard in the first end, and that seemed to settle the nerves enough to eventually win their opener with an outstanding 8-1 victory.
Coach Julie Oakley is quite excited for this young team, with the potential for greatness that oozes among them all, along with a lot of confidence and endless amounts of agility. TCA created the inter-club league and plays a key role in the development of youth curling, allowing kids the chance to play against other clubs, gaining experience and making new friends along the way.
King will host their division games Jan. 14 2018.

Karen Letwinka as June Cleaver won the prize for best dressed female.



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