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Book a 2018 tree planting with CVC

November 2, 2017   ·   0 Comments

Fall is the best time to book a 2018 spring tree planting project with Credit Valley Conservation (CVC).
Landowners with at least two acres available for planting can book a free site visit to get a head start.
Planting a forest takes preparation. CVC’s forestry specialists offer free site visits to determine how to prepare the site, select tree species for local conditions and make a plan to care for newly planted seedlings.
“CVC offers planting plans specific to our customers’ properties which give great value for money,” CVC’s Deputy CAO and Director of Watershed Transformation Mike Puddister said. “CVC is the local delivery agent of Forests Ontario’s 50 Million Tree program and offers a subsidy of 90 per cent to eligible landowners.”
To qualify for the subsidy, landowners must commit a minimum of two acres and order a minimum of 1,500 seedlings. At 20 cents per seedling, the total subsidized cost for planting two acres averages $300. Services include a free site visit, customized plan for the property, machine planting of seedlings and follow-up monitoring and tending.
“Planting a forest may seem daunting and expensive, but with CVC’s help it’s much easier and cheaper than you’d think,” CVC’s Manager of Terrestrial Restoration and Management Rod Krick said. “Plus it’s a great way to enhance the local natural environment.”
To date, CVC has planted nearly six million trees in the Credit River watershed through its planting programs. Interested landowners are encouraged to contact CVC as soon as possible to ensure planting can take place in spring 2018. Contact Alastair Biscaia at or 647-449-2743.



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