Future danger in Palgrave

October 23, 2017   ·   0 Comments

Our community of Palgrave is at a serious road safety risk with the construction by Rafat of curbs and trail realignment.
This has been approved by the Region of Peel.
After several meetings, it is very clear to the road planners and engineering study committee that there’s concern for road safety and a huge future liability to the Region.
We refused to sign paperwork to access our property due to our public safety concern.
Road safety is the responsibility of the municipalities of Peel and Caledon and the Provincial government. I am putting forth this letter to put the Region on notice.
I have lived here for 18 years and witnessed numberous accidents on Regional Road 50 due to poor sight lines and visibility. There are pending speed issues coming in from north and south of town. This is where the speed reduction should not be a crosswalk; in the middle of the village where it’s to late to slow down and or stop safely.
I have been told by the municipalities many times, when I have called to have the gravel trucks slow down, that this is a major gravel haul route.
The added bypass around Bolton has increased transport truck traffic into our village of Palgrave, increasing the risk of accidents.
We in the village of Palgrave promote a walkability lifestyle with schools and trails, horse park and conservation areas around us.
I hope this letter will lead to some positive action.
George Palmieri,



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