National Affairs by Claire Hoy — Women hold conflicting views too

October 9, 2017   ·   0 Comments

It must be incredibly comforting to be a Liberal, particularly of the small “l” (i.e. leftish) variety, knowing with absolute certainty that whatever you believe is correct, and those who disagree are not only wrong, but likely cretins to boot.
Having covered politics at all levels for several decades, your humble scribe has watched this reality forever, yet continues to be appalled at the extraordinary arrogance they display.
Examples abound, of course, but a recent one involves the disrespectful walk-out of all the Liberal MPs from the Commons committee on the status of women because — wait for it — the Conservative chair of the committee, Lethbridge MP Rachel Harder, is pro-life. Oh, the horror.
This is so typically left-wing. Rather than accept the reality that not all people — women or men — think alike, and trying to accommodate divergent views, they believe there is just one acceptable view — theirs — so what’s to talk about?
The biggest irony in all this, of course, is that these are the very same people who claim to believe in treating everybody equally, a tired bromide which only applies to those who subscribe to their cherished view of the world.
As you’d expect, alas, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is completely in synch with the one-sided Liberal MPs, who apparently are too fragile to even consider the reality, shown in numerous public opinion polls, that a good chunk of the Canadian public, both men and women, are uncomfortable with the fact that Canada is essentially the only western democracy in the world with absolutely no restrictions on abortion.
Abortion advocates always claim that they represent the majority view. This is a deliberate distortion. For sure, only a small percentage believe in a complete abortion ban. But, as much as the pro-abortionists and their media enablers don’t want you to think about, the abortion question does not come down to two extremes, either no abortion at all or abortion without any restrictions, which is our current status quo.
All the other countries — many of which are decidedly liberal — fall somewhere in between, with rules kicking in at various stages of the birth process.
According to Trudeau, however — who wouldn’t allow a pro-lifer to even run as a candidate — “The fact is that the Liberal Party and, indeed, this government, is unequivocal in defence of women’s rights.”
Except, of course, the right of a woman to hold a conflicting view, let alone act on it.
The media is just as bad as the Liberals. Reporters, who are overwhelmingly leftish, go into attack mode against anybody who disputes the liberal orthodoxy. They demand an explanation for one side, but never ask their friends how it is that on this issue, Canada is completely out of step with the rest of the world.
As the conservative-leaning group Real Woman put it, the Liberals “apparently don’t understand that women differ because of their diverse economic, cultural, religious and educational backgrounds. No sane person believes that all men think alike. Why do they hold such a peculiar standard for women?”
Why indeed?



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