Editorial — It was all class

October 2, 2017   ·   0 Comments

“Class” is about the only word that could describe Sunday’s game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees.
It’s been said it was likely the last home game Jose Bautista would play in a Jays’ uniform.
His teammates showed class in letting him take his position in the field at the start of the game ahead of everyone else. The fans showed class by cheering him every time he came to bat. Manager John Gibbons made a point of pulling him just before the game ended, giving the crowd one last chance at an ovation. And Bautista acknowledged it all with class.
It is true that Blue Jay fans owe Bautista for a lot of memories over the 10 years he was with the club. There have been a lot of clutch home runs and great plays in the field.
The most lasting memory will probably be from that incredible game two years ago when he hit the crucial three-run homer against the Texas Rangers, then executed the immortal bat flip. True, a lot of people didn’t like it, especially Rangers’ fans, among others. Even columnist Claire Hoy called it “showboat crap,” although Hoy makes no secret of the fact he’s a Yankees’ fan.
No matter, it was likely the biggest hit of the man’s career, and like any other human being, he rejoiced.
His many fans in these parts will never forget that.
We would argue that’s another example of class.



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