Rotary Club of Palgrave’s Weekly Rotary Minute

September 15, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Bernie Rochon
How much, within anyone of us, is dedicated to giving and contributing to other people’s lives unselfishly and generously?
It’s a difficult question, since recognition and rewards are often the main reason for our efforts in our society.
There are certain actions that will change that somewhat selfish attitude and it usually comes from recognizing an inner satisfaction of being part of making something good or even better than what was. Often times it is difficult to find a situation or a project that will afford you the transition from that inward selfish attitude to a dedicated rewarding community behaviour.
Well let me tell you that Rotary is there to help you make that transition happen in a very subtle way and in a convincing and easy fashion.
Just think of what can be done with the help of Rotary. Don’t count the number of projects and events that benefit the local communities or the international ones that will require your efforts. Just think about what happens to you as a participant in many projects and how as an unknown individual participant you become a self-rewarded part of all these tasks.
That is what Rotary offers to all its members who continually give “service above self.” That is our motto and that is what makes us spark. Try it . . . you might like it.
To learn more about Rotary’s motto of Service above Self, or how you can attend one of our meetings at the Caledon Estate Banquet Hall visit our website at anytime.



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