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SouthFields Village students are keen on environment

September 6, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Bill Rea
They start young when it comes to caring about the environment, and that is certainly the case with students at SouthFields Village Public School.
The Grade 2 French immersion class at the school recently won the Town’s Climate Change Video Contest.
“These children are truly inspiring,” Mayor Allan Thompson commented at the recent award presentation.
Katelyn McFadden, manager of energy and environment for the Town, commented there were nine submissions from various schools, and the one from SouthFields was recognized for its creativity and acknowledgement of current issues, promoting such things as green cleaning products at the school, car pooling, etc. She added it was inspiring to see the enthusiasm of the young people in the video.
Teacher Danielle Denreyer commented they were lucky to be in a town that puts so much emphasis on ecological awareness.
She also offered thanks to the parents of her students for getting the message about conserving energy and not idling their vehicles.
As well, she had praise for her students.
“Ideas are certainly what they brought to the table,” she remarked.
Several of the students spoke on what they thought was important about the environment, and the message about not idling was a prominent item for many of them.
There were other issues they wanted to promote, such as picking up garbage around the neighbourhood, recycling, telling people to stop littering, etc.

Students and teachers from SouthFields Village Public School were recently joined by Town councillors and staff in watching their award-winning climate-change video.
Photo by Bill Rea



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