Most people getting message on Lock It or Lose It

August 11, 2017   ·   0 Comments

Caledon OPP Auxiliary officers did some checking of parked vehicles at the recent Rotrayfest, and found most people understand how to protect themselves from crime.
The checks were part of the Lock It or Lose It campaign.
Police report there were 383 vehicles checked at the event, held at Town Hall in Caledon East, and the officers gave passing grades to 261 of them. That worked out to 68.1 per cent.
Lock It or Lose It is an award winning crime-prevention initiative developed with the support from the Insurance Bureau of Canada. It’s aim is to encourage drivers to take simple precautions to help prevent crime and victimization.
When conducting these checks, officers look to see if the vehicle was unlocked, unlocked with keys in view, whether the window(s) were left open and if valuables were left in plain view., and in 88 cases, valuables had been left in plain view.
Theft from, and theft of vehicles, is an ongoing crime which directly impacts victims and places a strain on police resources. This type of crime is not new, but is very often preventable through community engagement.
Police urge people to make sure their vehicles are locked when they park them, and that all valuables are out of sight.



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