Keep pets safe and cool while travelling this summer

August 11, 2017   ·   0 Comments

Summer is here, and for some people in Ontario that means road trips and exploring the outdoors with family and friends, including furry companions.
The Provincial government is advising people who are travelling with pets in the car to keep their needs in mind as they plan their trip.
Do not leave pets unattended in a vehicle. The temperature inside a vehicle will quickly become much hotter than the temperature outside, and that can be fatal. If your pet can’t go with you, leave them at home where they will be safe, cool, and comfortable.
The Province has some other things to keep in mind as when planning summer road trips.
• Ensure your pet is properly secured in your vehicle at all times.
• Always have fresh water available in the car for your pet.
• Take frequent breaks so both you and your pet have an opportunity to stretch your legs.
People who come across an unattended vehicle with an animal inside that appears to be in distress should act quickly and report it to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) at 310-SPCA (7722), or contact the local police or Humane Society.
Every summer, OSPCA runs the #NoHotPets campaign to keep pets out of hot cars. Consider signing the pledge and spreading the word to keep pets safe across Ontario.
Dogs in particular have very limited ability to sweat. Even a short period in a hot environment can cause suffering and distress and could result in brain damage or death.
Excessive panting, drooling and listlessness are signs of heatstroke in animals. People who witness these signs in a pet should seek veterinary attention immediately, move the animal to a cool area and offer it drinking water.
“Pets are treasured family members and loyal friends,” Community Safety and Correctional Services Minister Marie-France Lalonde observed. “Don’t leave them in your hot car. Let them join in on your summer adventures, or let them stay home where they will be cool and safe.”



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