Rotary Club of Palgrave’s Weekly Rotary Minute

August 2, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Ross Farrelly
Palgrave Town Clock
Adapted from a 2007
newspaper article
Anyone driving through the village of Palgrave regularly must surely have noticed the Palgrave town clock standing east of the main street in the centre of the hamlet.
The clock was planned to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Rotary Club of Palgrave. It was spearheaded by the efforts of Rotarian Wayne Cowell and his committee and was in the planning stages for more than a year. Palgrave Rotarians wanted something meaningful, beautiful and lasting to offer the village, marking the club’s anniversary — something to enhance our little hamlet and give it a focal point. The Palgrave Clock Tower covered all of the above.
Situated as it is, beside the highway running through the village, but also on the Trailway, it’s hard to miss, rising a good 10 feet high. It is an heirloom clock, with a heritage look, done with castings by the Verdin Company in Cincinnati.
The clock runs on electricity trenched from the adjacent fire hall. It is equipped with GPS (global positioning) so that it is always correct to the milli-second. After a power failure, the clock will automatically resume correct time to the second. With the help of a light sensor, the face is backlit from dusk to dawn giving off a warm and welcoming glow. The dry-stone wall surrounding the clock was built by club members guided by master wall builder, the late Bob Waller. Before the ceremonial walk, a group picture was taken of current club members in front of the hall, then led to the skirl of the bagpipes, played by Graham Fergusson, proceeded to the clock site for the unveiling before returning to the hall for champagne and dessert. The gardens surrounding the clock have been maintained by local community members, most recently by Donna Bolt assisted by Gordon Barr. It’s hard to believe that the clock is now older than 10 years and will hopefully be keeping time for many decades to come.
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