Strong keep getting stronger in ball hockey play

June 20, 2017   ·   0 Comments

Two nights of action last week in the Inglewood Ball Hockey League caused little impact in the standings.
The 360º Tire Service guys continue to lead in the standings, now with 18 points, but George’s Arena Sports remain right on their tails with 16, with We Are Creative in third with 11.
June 8
Mr. Handyman 4, Caledon Hills Cycling 1
Mr. Handyman dropped the hammer on Caledon Hills Cycling getting the win.
Handyman net nabbers were Daniel Leone (unassisted), Leone from Joseph Lupo, Nathan Forer from JT Gore and Philip DeFrancesco, and Gore from Leone and Will Pitsadiontis. Cycling cyclone was Dave Phillips from James Thompson.
George’s 6, Carney Plumbing 1
George’s shut off the flow from Carney and took the victory.
George’s go-to guys were Luigi D’Agostino from Mike Volpe and Matt Scida, D’Agostino from Justin Fiorini and Adam Fraccaro, Chris Gikov from Volpe and D’Agostino, Fiorini from Volpe, Volpe from D’Agostino, and Scida (unassisted). Carney’s lone marksman was John Cameron from Bryan Sinclair and Sandy Shand.
360º Tire 2, We Are Creative 1
In a nail biter, 360º Tire put the pedal to the metal and were able to win by a hair over We Are Creative.
Bin bulgers for 360 were Mike Vutcher from Andy Williams and Travis Bannon, and Williams (unassisted). We Are got creative with Joshua D’Eri from Dillon Cole.
June 6
360º Tire 7, Mr. Handyman 2
The Tire team turned up the heat and pulled out the victory over Mr. Handyman, stealing the show in the third with five goals.
Tire troopers were Marco Franza from Nick Adams, Wendle Simpson from Williams and Jeff Ferguson, Kyle Jones from Ferguson and Williams, Franza from Kelvin Young and Ferguson, Williams from Dustin Buss and Franza, Simpson from Adams, and Simpson from Adams and Jake Sterritt. Handyman hammers were dropped by Pitsadiontis from Anthony Figliano, and Robert Keszeg from Steven DeFrancesco.
George’s 5, Caledon Hills 0
In a much calmer match than their previous meeting, George’s showed that they could play the game and took the shut-out win.
Net nabbers for George’s were Justin Figliano from Anthony Villari and Chris Della Morra, Villari from Della Morra and Nick Franseze, Chris Mete (unassisted), Villari from Della Morra and Scida, and Gikov from Mete and Chris Stirpe.
We Are Creative 3, Carney Plumbing 1
In a tight match, We Are Creative were able to take out Carney Plumbing and get the win.
We Are creators were Cole from Sandra Perdeaux and Paul Zijlstra, Jacob Power from Perdeaux and Rocco Manicone, and Mark Zijlstra from Cole and Joshua D’Eri.



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