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George Bolton extension to merge with Industrial Road

June 15, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Bill Rea
How important is the intersection between Commercial Road and Albion-Vaughn Road in Bolton?
It might not be there much longer.
Extending George Bolton Parkway east of Regional Road 50 has been in the discussion phase for some years. Things are progressing, with six alternatives on the table for aligning the road extension, along with another that advocates doing nothing. As things currently stand, the favoured option calls for closing the Commercial-Albion-Vaughn intersection, while George Bolton merges with Industrial Road heading east to Albion-Vaughn.
The seven alternatives were on display last week at a public information centre held in Bolton.
The extension project is currently the subject of a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) process.
The project has been on the table since the 1990s, when the need was established for an east-west collector road through the Bolton industrial area. Constraints cited by the Town and consultants include the fact there would have to be land acquired from public ownership; issues involving access to some properties in the area, affecting operations of businesses; issues involving stormwater management; and impacts on local traffic patterns. On the other side, there have been no significant natural features identified in the study area, although chimney swifts are known to be there.
The options under consideration involve merging the proposed road with Industrial Road as it heads east. The variations mainly involve the connection to the portion of Industrial Road running north of the proposed merger and the intersection between Industrial and Commercial. The various options included closing the northern part of Industrial with a cul-de-sac and closing the Industrial-Commercial intersection.
The favoured option calls for the merger while keeping all of Industrial Road open, as well as the intersection with Commercial, but the intersection to the north with Commercial and Albion-Vaughn Road would close. Details about the merging intersection with George Bolton and Industrial are still to be worked out.
Ryan Grodeaki, manager of engineering with the Town, said some kind of round about has been considered for that area, but property constraints are going to make that difficult.
He added it will take a couple of years before any of this becomes reality. He pointed out the whole study area is currently serviced by septic systems, so Peel Region will have to be on board.
He said the extended George Bolton is to have two through lanes, as well as a lane in the middle for left turns. There are also plans for bike lanes.
Another EA is being planned for Albion-Vaughn Road near the intersection with Commercial. Grodeaki said it will look into creating a grade separation between the road and the railway tracks just to the north.



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