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May 29, 2017   ·   0 Comments

Students of political history will recall that Barack Obama, before he had a chance to do anything apart from getting himself elected, was awarded the Nobel prize.
And despite the fact he never did live up to his pre-election hype, he managed to spend most of his eight years in office enjoying mostly fawning coverage of the lock-step media establishment.
Fast forward to last fall and you may remember that Donald Trump, also before having a chance to do anything beyond upsetting Hillary Clinton to win the election, was already the subject of cries of impeachment from his critics and has never stopped being under attack from the political, academic, Hollywood and media Establishment.
To be sure, Trump has often made himself an easy target. But even his accomplishments — won in the face of Democratic intransigence in the Congress and Senate (the sort of thing that had the media relentlessly attacking Republicans for) — have been virtually ignored in the feeding frenzy to report only the things that purport to show that the electorate made a horrible mistake.
Indeed, the New York Times, which has abandoned all pretense of fairness in their mission to undermine Trump, recently ran a piece explaining how even those who voted for Trump — you know, all those “deplorable” that Hillary and her elitist friends scoffed at — are now wishing they hadn’t.
The story quoted one such voter as representative of Trump voters, conveniently ignoring the fact that a public opinion poll at the time found that the vast majority of Trump voters were not the least bit sorry they had chosen him over her.
Last weekend, having joined the other Trump haters in arguing that he didn’t legitimately win the election — despite the fact he DID win — they ran a story headlined “Trump Still Seeks Credit for Victory.” Imagine that.
Even the weekend Globe and Mail — which, along with the Toronto Star, has rivaled the Times and the Washington Post in non-stop attacks on Trump — ran a lengthy piece about Trump being on the verge of impeachment.
For what, pray tell? For being controversial? For firing FBI boss James Comey who, by the way, would have been bounced on the spot had Hillary won, and who was disliked by pretty much everybody in Washington until Trump — who had every right as president — dumped him.
Never mind all the sworn testimony from a host of Washington security officials that there is no evidence whatsoever that Trump himself was involved in any shenanigans with the Russians to impact the election results. No, no, it’s a far better story to claim he fired Comey — who actually had found that Hillary had broken several laws — in order to stop the inquiry into his Russian dealings. Once again, whether Comey was there or not has no bearing whatsoever — none — on whether the inquiries continue or not (they do). And Comey, who, upon being fired, conveniently produced a note he says shows Trump tried to get him to go easy on the affair, despite his earlier sworn testimony that Trump and the White House had not interfered.
Not to be outdone, the Saturday Star ran a piece by their blatantly anti-Trump man Daniel Dale who discovered that black voters don’t like Trump. No kidding? When is the last time black voters liked any Republican? Yet, for all the hype about that, and the false accusations that Trump is a racist, he got more black votes than either Mitt Romney or John McCain did. But hey, why quibble, when you can quote a Virginia black woman saying that Trump “needs to get hate out of his heart and open his eyes.”
Dale, you may recall, made a name for himself during the election campaign in Washington by tallying up the Trump “lies” — not all of which were actually lies, but often simply different approaches to subject — without bothering to balance his coverage by keeping track of Clinton’s lies.
He actually wrote in his Saturday piece that “The U.S. media narrative of the past year has been dominated by accounts of white Trump voters standing by their man . . .” Really? Perhaps he missed the aforementioned Times piece, plus the daily deluge of “news” about just how awful Trump is. The mind boggles.
Let’s leave you with the “fair and balanced” conclusion from New York Times’ veteran Tom Friedman who claimed Trump has breached American sovereignty in the Russian “scandal” on “the scale of Pearl Harbor and 9/11.”
Question: What are these people going to do when Trump really does do something awful?
In the meantime, the world is not likely to end and Trump isn’t going away. I don’t find either prospect particularly scary.



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