Support for Shaughnessy

May 2, 2017   ·   0 Comments

I just want to express my support for Ward 1 Regional Councillor Barb Shaughnessy.
Without her tenacious, ask-the-hard questions, push-the-envelope kind of personality, Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers would have given up dealing with Parks and Recreation and the Town. We would have given up supporting the Inglewood Community Centre. We would have said, “Fine, I can’t deal with this any more.”
But Shaughnessy fought for solutions and found them. Others had pussy footed around the problems, patted us on the head and said, this is how it is, but Shaughnessy knew it should and could be better. She made it better.
Sometimes the ones who ask the hard questions are not liked because they dare to rock the boat. Keep rocking the boat, Barb.
Margaret Dickey,
Ward 1,



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