Where does your business need to be?

April 3, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Ben Roberts
Manager of Business Development,
Tourism and Culture
Town of Caledon
The Caledon business community continues to grow quickly.
The number and types of businesses within the Town are becoming more diverse and specialized. In the rapidly changing economy, many businesses have made the decision to expand their buildings, some have moved next door and others have moved to entirely new areas and communities.
For a business owner, there are lots of decisions to be made and one of the biggest is the question, “Should I move?”
For some, one of the best things they can do is to move their business. When a business has stayed in the same location for several years, owners become aware of both the good and the bad. The fact that the owner is aware of the problems is a good thing, because now they have the knowledge of what is working at their location and what is not working.
The knowledge gained from where they are now can help them understand where they need to be in the future. Business owners need to also understand that there are no guarantees when moving to a new location. Many things can go right, but many things can go wrong. It is important to take the time to make a decision and not make mistakes.
Some of the more common mistakes are:
• rushing the decision;
• missing important planning, building and other regulatory requirements;
• failing to plan for future expansion and;
• failing to use available economic development services.
Mistakes can happen simply by going too quickly and trying to do it as cheaply as possible.
Some of the main reasons for businesses moving are related to workforce, market changes, growth, downsizing to reduce costs or simply wanting to be somewhere that offers a better quality of life.
Businesses need to ask questions when thinking about relocating:
• How much does it cost for planning and building fees and securities?
• How much does it cost for planning and building consultants?
• What is the planning process and how much time is required to receive planning and building permit approvals?
• What is the total cost of moving the business?
• Can the current location be renovated to allow for future needs?
Much like the carpenters phrase “measure twice and cut once,” it is much easier and in the long run is a better investment to collect the information and make a carefully researched decision.
Town of Caledon’s Economic Development Office is a valuable resource for businesses making a move. For more information, visit the Town’s website at or call 905-584-2272, ext. 4011.



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