Rotary Club of Palgrave’s Weekly Rotary Minute

March 14, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Doug Nicholson
This week, I thought it would be interesting and fun to name a few prominent Rotarians from around the world covering the past 112 years of service above self.
These Rotarians, or Honorary Rotarians, reflect the diversity of intellectual, cultural, military, sports and government leaders who have supported Rotary.
• Neil Armstrong, astronaut and the first man to walk on the moon — Rotary Club (RC) of Wapakoneta, Ohio.
• Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands — RC of Amsterdam.
• Clarence Birdseye, developer of a process for quick-freezing food — RC Gloucester, Mass.
• Frank Borman, astronaut — RC of Space Centre, Houston.
• Richard E Byrd, explorer who planted the Rotary flag at the south pole — RC Winchester, Virginia.
• Sir Winston Churchill, prime minister of England — RC of Wanstead and Woodford.
• Max Cointreau, owner of Cointreau liquor enterprises, France — RC of Paris.
• Walt Disney, filmmaker — RC of Palm Springs, CA.
• Thomas Edison, inventor — RC Orange, New Jersey.
• Prince Frederick, Denmark — RC Copenhagen.
• King Carl XVI of Sweden — RC of Stockholm.
• Sir Edmond Hillary, explorer and mountaineer — RC of Auckland.
• John F Kennedy, U.S. president — RC of Hyannis, Mass.
• Lester B Pearson, prime minister of Canada and statesman — RC of Ottawa.
• Albert Switzer, physician, philosopher and Nobel Peace Prize laureate — RC of Colmax France and RC of Passau, Germany.
• Margaret Thatcher, prime minister of England — RC of Westminster East, Greater London.
• Orville Wright, aviation pioneer, U.S.A. — RC of Dayton, Ohio.
These individuals assisted Rotary by providing credibility and exposure to the ideals of Rotary. Please look around you and note other Rotarians who are also serving Rotary by being members and providing service above self.
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