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Poker Lotto winner from Caledon

March 1, 2017   ·   0 Comments

Patricia (Pat) Hill of Caledon went “All In” to win the Poker Lotto jackpot worth $166,984.30 Feb. 15.
She also won $5,000 on the instant portion of her Poker Lotto play, bringing her total winnings to $171,984.30.
“I am very close with my daughter and grandchildren and I enjoy visiting them in the city,” she said while at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) Prize Centre in Toronto where she picked up her winnings. “On the day I won, I was getting some groceries for dinner at my daughter’s place when I decided to play Poker Lotto All In. Suddenly the retailer turned to me and said, ‘You won a lot of money!’”
“I saw I had a Royal Flush but I still didn’t know how much I won,” she added. “Then, the amount appeared on the screen and the retailer said, ‘You won $171,000!’ I was shocked and I couldn’t wait to get to the Prize Centre.”
Special family plans are underway for Hill ’s windfall.
“I would love to take my daughter, son-in-law, his parents and my wonderful grandchildren on a vacation somewhere south,” she said. “It would be a dream-come-true to spend time together. I would also love to treat my sister and her family to a special dinner as a thank you for always being there for me. Finally, the most exciting part of this win is that we will now be mortgage free. It feels incredible to say that and I know how happy that will make my husband.”
Poker Lotto players can opt for All In to take a chance on instantly winning a jackpot that starts at $10,000 and grows until it is won, according to OLG. Overall odds of winning any prize with Poker Lotto are one in 3.66.
The winning ticket was purchased at Gateway Lotto on Gerrard Street in Toronto.09-lottery - 2.75



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