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Dining component being emphasized at Brooks

March 1, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Bill Rea
There’s new ownership at Brooks Sports Bar and Lounge in Bolton, and a new emphasis on family dining.
Krystian Catala said he and his brothers Orlando, who lives in Bradford, and Steven, a resident of Bolton, took over the operation in November, and things have been looking up ever since.
“I can say we’re actually growing every month,” he declared. “We’re getting busier and busier.”
He added that’s a little surprising, since this is usually a slower period of the year in this business.
Catala said customers have been talking to others, and he thought that was why things have been so busy.
“It’s been word of mouth,” he remarked.
Catala said the brothers saw the business was available and they took advantage of the opportunity.
He added the bar portion of the business had been doing well, but changes were needed in the food aspect. That led to changes to the menu. Although some items remained, the recipes all changed.
“Everything here is home made,” he declared.
Catala said he grew up in the industry. His father owned restaurants in Toronto and North York, and the brothers were working in the kitchens in their teens. He said he was attending law school, and opened a food truck operation in the summer, and it “took off.”
Looking at this new operation, he thought back to Super Bowl Sunday, observing there were families in to watch the game.
“We try to create a family atmosphere,” he commented, adding about 20 per cent of the rooms in the dining area had children sitting there. “That’s what we wanted to accomplish here.”
He added things are still improving, with a growing lunch time trade.

Krystian Catala of Brooks Sports Bar and Lounge in Bolton.

Krystian Catala of Brooks Sports Bar and Lounge in Bolton.



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