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In Defence of Ignorant Elders

Re: The Ignorance of Elders by Skid Crease — Caledon Citizen April 16, 2017

There are times when I find the ignorance of young men absolutely repulsive, and the above verbal ego trip by Skid Crease is one such occasion.

In his own opinion, Crease is obviously an urbane sage of educated wisdom, whose superior education and synapses have divined the truth of modern socially progressive politics. Not only does he consider himself intellectually superior to these uneducated “synapically challenged” ignorant old men, but his eminent position in society and vast experience as an author and storyteller gives him both the right to intrude on the private conversations of complete strangers, and to follow up with a smug egotistical diatribe on his vast experience and right to do so.

Unfortunately, his parents obviously failed to teach him any normal social graces, manners or respect.

His intrusion into their discussion was the height of social ignorance; their “smoke break” reaction should have told anyone with thinner skin that his company was most unwelcome.

It does not appear to have occurred to Crease that those incredibly ignorant old men have opinions based on memories that predate his momentous arrival in this world.

They may see daily events in our modern socially progressive world as history being repeated. Daily events that trigger bad memories of a very similar sequence of events that culminated in muzzling the press, repression and degradation of citizens, fear of voicing any contrary opinion lest the elite leaders and purveyors of the new National Socialism exact reprisal.

If these old men were immigrants, their ignorant uneducated opinions may be based on bad memories that include wailing sirens, the thrum of aircraft engines, and cowering underground while death and destruction stamped overhead, and of dead fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, sisters and brothers.

If these old men were native born Canadians, their ignorant uneducated opinions may be based on bad memories of having to shoulder a rifle and pack followed by years of destruction, maimed and dead comrades, blood and carnage, in order to put down the “new world vision” and domination of a United Europe prevalent in those times.

Both sources will voice horror and disbelief that current leaders voicing their magnificent vision of The New World Order cannot see that to the citizens they supposedly represent, their vision has no value and is not wanted, or that they often look like a modern caricature of one Adolf Schickelgruber.

Jack Hoke,

Caledon East



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